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07/06/09 10:50

New Looting System

31/05/09 21:44

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WoWInsider News
The World of Warcraft (WoW) Legendary Heroez Guild of Frostmourne
Welcome to the website of the Legendary Heroez World of Warcraft Guild, hosted on the Frostmourne, Oceanic server.

We have been an established Guild for over a year and currently have a network of outstanding members. Our primary focus is being a successful Level 80 Raiding Guild - however with that in mind we also promote socialising and building friendships within the group.

Due to being hosted on an Oceanic server, the majority of our members reside in Australia. Nevertheless we do draw players from across the globe including some from the United States and others from parts of Asia.

Currently with the Call of the Crusade Patch 3.2, our Guild raid times are:
Wedneday 6:30pm - 25 Man Ulduar
Thursday 6:30pm - 10 Man Trial of the Crusader / 10 Man Ulduar Hard Modes
Sunday 12:30pm - 25 Man Trial of the Crusader

Thanks for visiting!

Guild Applications
The Guild is currently recruiting geared raiders! This means that the majority of your items should be at least Item Level 226.

There are a number of raid positions open including for a Priest (any spec), Shaman (any spec), Hunter, Warlock, Druid (Restoration and Balance), Death Knight (DPS), and Rogue to join the Guild. The applicant must be available to raid with us in our 25m raids every Wednesday (evening) and Sunday (day). In addition we may require you to raid with our 10m Trial of the Crusader groups on Thursday (evenings).

If you are of another class but are nevertheless still interested in joining our Guild please fill out an application form.

Death Knight Death Knight DPS
Druid Druid Restoration / Balance
Hunter Hunter
Priest Priest Holy / Discipline / Shadow
Rogue Rogue
Shaman Shaman Elemental / Enhance / Restoration
Warlock Warlock Destruction / Demo
Apply Now
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25m Trial of the Crusader - Cleared
07/09/09 18:04 by Fanatisicm
Yesterday Legendary Heroez made a finishing dash through Trial of the Crusader, clearing all 5 out of 5 bosses in Normal 25 Man difficulty mode.

From having difficulties on The Faction Champions for the past two weeks, we managed to finally overcome the PVP encounter, and in addition defeat The Twin Val'kyr and Anub'arak within the same raid slot.

Well done all, screenshot links of each encounter are provided as below:

The Faction Champions
The Twin Val'kyr



25m Trial of the Crusader
12/08/09 13:15 by Fanatisicm
Blizzard launched its new content update in Call of the Crusade (Patch 3.2) on Wednesday.

Below is a video of the Guild's first boss kill of the new 25 Man Raid - Trial of the Crusader. Till i work out how to enable maximised view of the video, here is a YouTube link where you can view the video in full screen.

Nice music Souvis.


25m Ulduar - General Vezax Killed
01/07/09 00:06 by Fanatisicm

Once again the Guild continues to make progress. On Monday we encountered General Vezax for the first time in 25 Man, and with a bit of organisation took down the General in 6 attempts.

Here is a screenshot of the general

Only Yogg Saron stands in our way before we can claim the Guild 25 Man Ulduar Achievement. Lets hope we can clear Ulduar within the next few weeks!


25m Ulduar - Thorim, Hodir and Mimiron killed
28/06/09 02:27 by Fanatisicm
This week Legendary Heroez made incredible progress in our 25 Man Ulduar Raid. On Sunday we managed to take down Thorim for the first time, followed by a Hodir and surprise Mimiron defeat on Monday.

With less than 2 hours to attempt Mimiron, LH breezed through the trash to take Mimiron down in 5 attempts.

Well done!

Screenshots of Thorim, Hodir, and Mimiron, have been uploaded.


10m Ulduar - General Vezax Defeated
15/06/09 18:09 by Fanatisicm
On Saturday Group 1 of 10 Man Ulduar managed to finally take down General Vezax. The raid setup was 1 DK Blood Tank, 2 Holy Pallies, 1 Disc Priest, 1 Ret Pally, 1 Rogue interruptor, 1 Hunter and 2 Mages.

Ariif the Undying was lucky enough to loot the Tier 8 Paladin Helm.

A screenshot of the 10 Man General Vezax kill is provided.


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